I am sure that all of you are wondering about the title of this blog.  It is like this.  Perhaps like some couples that begin to look like each other  we have gone through a connection also as deep.  Over the years and many conversations I would begin my retelling of an event or something I'd seen to my Husband, to be quickly followed with...."Seriously!" "Seriously!" So in comes a child with many questions, comments and choices and low and behold........

Catching Veer silently making homemade paper all over the bathroom and his bedroom.....
Me..... "Seriously! "

Me...... explaining what he needs to do as soon as he gets home from Aikido to get him to bed quickly
Veer gets home.....jumps all over his daddy..."can we do something fun?" completely ignoring what we had discussed.

So it's happened....I am now saying Ron's "Seriously!" We have become that couple!

The 28th of October marks the day I completed Radiation which was the last treatment besides ongoing medications that I need to have last year.  

Last wednesday I met with my Oncologist, Dr. Verma to have another 3 month check up and Lupron injection as well as to switch from tamoxifen to exemestane.  One of the serious side effects of Tamoxifen is uterine cancer and so since I was doing so well on it it was advisable to switch to a medication that does not have that as a side effect.  Tamoxifen was blocking the absorption of estrogen by my cells and the new drug will stop production of estrogen by my cells. So one step closer to complete menopause.   

Since exemestane will effect my bone density, I was sent for a scan last month to have a baseline test done for my doctors to be able to keep track of any loss for me.  I will be taking this new medication for at least 4 years. I will be starting exemestane today and will let you know what happens.  

Hope everyone is keeping well and healthy!


When I met with my Geneticist before Christmas he had let me know that having a cancer because of genetics is only 5%.  30% from Environmental exposure and 2/3 from health issues which he calls fluke.  We had wanted to find out about my risk factor for Veer and for Ovarian cancer so we had the testing done.

The spit test was done and we received the results of checking for 30 cancer genetic markers.....................and I was told I DO NOT have any genetic markers.  
That now means the causes are environment and health related.

I have not been great in keeping in touch these last couple months and I should have.  Each winter I go through a bit of an off/hibernation because there is so little sunshine during the days that lead up to Christmas that it affects me.  So this coupled with the radiation and chemo effects I did not keep up with my regular updates.  

It seems that this year has been a bit of a whirlwind....surreal! 

Since I want this blog to help inform and educate other women and people in general I have some things I'd like to share. 

Here is what my final hair loss looked like! The lack of even the 6 eyelashes  and  eyebrow hair was a bit shocking to see in the mirror for me. What you see here I completely lost but It started growing soon after and I didn't get around to photographing myself again before the regrowth. 

During my radiation I only had a little pinkness show near the very end. I went for 16 sessions which ended on the 28th of October, just in time for me to be the Borg Queen! 
I filmed these 2 on my last day of Radiation. 

Ringing the Bell in completion of my LAST radiation treatment!

As for side effects of radiation...... I slathered on the cream, that was given to me by another lady who had finished her rounds of treatments earlier, hoping I would have NO side effects.....Not to be that lucky!  The pinkness changed and my skin became quite itchy with just some burnish blistering happening near where the Lymph nodes were taken out. The worst of it was for about a 8 days 1 week after my last treatment.  Since then most of the skin discoloration has returned to normal yet the radiation did make my muscles feel a bit bruised to the touch and only where the radiation was targeted.  
These show what my skin looked like.

This post may be very difficult for many many of my family and friends who have had cancer affect their lives or lives of loved ones.  

My husband sent me the link to watch this.  I am watching episode 2 and will watch all of them this year to become more aware.  Since going through all the conventional treatments and now watching this is hitting me and more questions are coming to mind! I hope you all take a chance to watch this.  It can't hurt to know more. It may be very emotional and difficult because of what families have gone through! My heart is there with you all.  

Lets educate ourselves so there is less fear and and more control we can have in our lives. Lets work towards prevention like Charlotte Haley that started with a peach ribbon (the now, pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness) wanted.   

It is free to watch until November 9th. 
Click the Pink link below and make time to watch this.

Stay Strong!

A little Inspiration for everyone! Remember it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Please share my blog with anyone that might be fighting cancer or knows of someone in the fight or just to become more aware of the disease, the treatments and some of the process. 

I first heard this song on the radio and it sent goosebumps through my limbs and hit me to the core! Everyone needs to hear this song! 
                                                                              Love to you all!

Today was an exciting day at my radiation appointment because I have been planning to do a timelapse of my session to share my experience, that others may be a little more relaxed if they ever need this type of treatment........ plus the machine moves.

 The first time that I was on the bed with my arms above my head it felt like the machine was going to hit my elbow......however it does not.  It is very interesting and incredible all of the technology and science involved. 

One day Veer asked me to find out what type of radiation they use. ( he had read all about the types of radiation that come from the sun and also about cell structure.)  What a great question.....so I needed to know as well!  Question answered.....Protons.  The machine has large plates of lead that move and change shape depending on the the treatment plan and your body measurements.

My Medical Radiation Technologists have been amazing to work with.  When I came to them with this Idea to do a timelapse they were so helpful to find out if I could and everything involved right down to whether or not my equipment would be damaged from the radiation.  They seem just as excited to show what happens with others as I am! All of the staff that I have worked with at the Tom Baker Cancer Center have been wonderful, patient and kind! Thank you! 

Here is what my session looks like! Feel free to share this blog with anyone!