I am sure that all of you are wondering about the title of this blog.  It is like this.  Perhaps like some couples that begin to look like each other  we have gone through a connection also as deep.  Over the years and many conversations I would begin my retelling of an event or something I'd seen to my Husband, to be quickly followed with...."Seriously!" "Seriously!" So in comes a child with many questions, comments and choices and low and behold........

Catching Veer silently making homemade paper all over the bathroom and his bedroom.....
Me..... "Seriously! "

Me...... explaining what he needs to do as soon as he gets home from Aikido to get him to bed quickly
Veer gets home.....jumps all over his daddy..."can we do something fun?" completely ignoring what we had discussed.

So it's happened....I am now saying Ron's "Seriously!" We have become that couple!

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  1. Very Seriously !!! GO for it are a rock star and we will seriously beat this .....Lots of Love - Api

  2. Very cute. It's scary when we see our children turning into us. Veer is lucky to have such great parents to emulate. Seriously! Love you Kerri. Hope all goes well.

  3. I just watched your video of your first Chemotherapy session. Near the beginning of the clip you and the Nurse discuss that it is hard to prepare for seeing you've never done before. I was struck by your positive attitude, calm exterior, and keeping it real with acknowledging you were kidding about wanting the nurse to hold your hand (but not totally kidding). I'm imagining I am there holding your hand and by extension my Aunt Nadine's hand, and those who traveled this road before her. It's a calm feeling for me. Thank you. Seriously!

  4. This needs to be a t-shirt, SERIOUSLY!