TESTS | February 22, 2016


What I was never told in all the years was that I had extremely high dense breast tissue. I had always been told by doctors you are lumpy so I had never thought that it would be an issue, a normality for me. It wasn't until the radiologist came in to speak to me that I realized it might be.  As he stood there not able to confirm what the lump was because nothing showed on the mammogram and only a slight something showed on the ultra sound but everyone could feel I realized it was more than my doctor saying that it was a fibrous mass.  He had already sent the images for a consult to see what other radiologist thought. With it inconclusive he sent me for a biopsy the next week.

Some Risk Factors for Breast Cancer ( for the full article Risk Factors )

Being a Woman


Some Emerging risks:

Low of Vitamin D Levels

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