POST SURGERY! |2016.04.05

Waking up in a nice bright white room I felt calm and tired.  Soon they took me to my room.  A little dizzy from the ride I was happy to get to my destination.  When they had me shimmy from one bed to the room bed they asked how I got a way with my underwear I laughed saying that I had kept it on.  I guess I wasn't supposed to.  
After that i mostly slept. and sipped water they came and gave me morphine once.  Finally food came and they said to eat what I could. Also a bucket in case I was nauseous. I didn't think I was.  The meal....chicken noodle soup, white bread, juice, milk, tea.......lets back up WHITE BREAD!!!!!!  Doesn't everyone know yet what white bread does to a person and a hospital is sending white bread!! What is wrong with this picture?  Deciding to eat the soup and realized I was not going to keep that down!  The lady across from me kindly and quickly tried to ring for a nurse at the same time as I was trying to.   That was done so I slept.  

Later in the evening they decided to give me percocet. I needed to eat some food so they were going to bring me crackers. However, a dear friend had prepared a lovely hospital bag of goodies with her favorite crackers.  These are amazing gluten free and so yummy. Not only that, she had prepared 4 or 5 different kinds of soups for me and Ron, his mom and Neeta had brought me these earlier with a bowl and spoon....LIFESAVING!!  So I munched on crackers and ate Sanet's yummy Carrot Quinoa Ginger Soup.    The Hospital should get her recipes!!! A HUGE Thank you to you Sanet!!!!

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