THE SURGEON | March 21, 2016


After a doctor friend of ours gave Ron the name of the same surgeon, we were referred to, and with excellent reviews we walked into the surgeons office with more confidence. Sitting in the waiting room were various posters and flyers were around.  One that caught my eye was the wig warehouse. I hadn't even thought about that yet. Once we were inside the clinic room and the surgeon had check everything out he proceeded to discuss with us in greater detail that what I had was Invasive Lobular Carcinoma in the Left breast with a tumor approx. 5cm at the 2o'clock position. He said that he could not feel any thing happening in the Sentinel nodes but could not be 100 % sure until surgery.  Our options were explained like this.  2 options. A Lumpectomy which would leave me with a 30% chance of a recurring in the same breast. A left breast mastectomy, leaving me with 15% chance of it recurring in the right breast or bilateral mastectomy of both which would bring down recurrence to close to 0. 
I kept staring at a framed piece of artwork by someone that also had Breast Cancer. It was every shade of pink, filled with lovely thoughts on what it means to be beautiful and the mention of breasts was not there!!
He discussed that he would operate on one and then the other depending on my decision. We were told that I would go through genetic testing as I was much closer to 40 and that this type usually doesn't present itself until later in life. The Genetic testing will take up to a year however at least if the results return that I carry the gene then Veer will also be aware of what to watch for.  The same gene is responsible for prostate, colon, and breast cancer in men. 
If I am not a carrier then it is environmental to which I asked our surgeon if it could be attributed to Pesticides being sprayed over our house for at least 22 years. He looked me in the eye and said Yes!!  

That will be a separate battle!! Just you wait Monsanto!

Giving us information and names of support people such as his assistant and the Nurse Navigator we left with our Navy Blue pouch. It felt like a beacon as we walked to the car.

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