It's Official!!!

Yesterday we had a lovely drive to Canmore for my Body CT Scan. Kept Veer out to join us for the day.  For anyone that has never had one the contrast that they shoot into your arm quickly rushes throughout your organs until you finally feel like you have to run to the washroom.....however at the same time you have just taken a deep breath and are holding your breath for the count of 10. This was quite a quick test. In and out in 15 min.  Thank you Canmore!!
The flowers were planted just outside the main entrance!

For the long awaited news of when do I start Chemo.....well met finally with my Oncologist who is the head of Oncology at the Tom Baker Cancer Center. First I have some bloodwork and a Heart Ultrasound then I'll start on June 1st for the magic drugs! AC for 4x and P for 4x  to be given every 2 weeks.  Then wait 4 weeks and go for 5 weeks of radiation and then Hormone meds.  

So Now to figure out when I want to have Veer shave my head and donate my hair! Maybe my birthday! I'll keep you all posted! Thank you for all of your positive support and love! 

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