Update regarding Kerri: No 6 Chemo..2 More to go...Yay! | August 10, 2016 at 02:26PM

Hello everyone   Hope all of you are in good spirits and doing well.  We just got home from Kerri's 6th scheduled Chemo Treatment today. Today Veer was  the guest of honour.  Typically they don't allow kids ( Because of possible infections that they may carry or just for the sake of maintaining decorum I suppose).  However, the staff treating Kerri are very accommodating and were eagerly waiting to meet him.  He was fascinated with everything. He thinks he now wants to be a Nurse ( not a doctor ) when he grows up. Astrophysics is too boring he says.  :-D Kerri, as always took it all on as if it were nothing.  She has become a little bit of a celebrity at the Chemo treatment center.  Most nurses, regular patients, they all know her. One nurse, unknown to us,  came over and gave her a hug as we stood waiting for her turn.  She said " I have heard so much about you".  It his her radiant energy and positive attitude that has that affect. Her creative head scarves ( veer calls them turbans) are also a hit :-). However the effects of these particular Chemo treatments are beginning to manifest. She went into a deep sleep within the hour, after the first IV consisting of Benadryl was injected.  We left after she fell asleep and came back to pick her up 4 hours later, when she was done her treatment. She can feel some aches and pains in her joints and bones.  Lethargy, loss of appetite ( a reversal from the first Chemo drug ), headaches are some of the after effects that she has to endure.She sleeps peacefully now, while Veer and I are catching up on the Olympics. As always, please feel free to call me ( 403 ) 975 7667 or email me if you require more information.Thank you all for your well wishes and support. Best Regards     Ron Singh about.me/ronsingh    

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  1. You are such a solid family, and Kerri - you're a total rockstar!