My Radiation Therapy Plan

  I met with my Radiation Oncologist yesterday after treatment and he showed me this interesting plan with imaging of me.  So It is hard to see but I was told that even with the breath holding that about 10% of my lung is still hit with radiation. So we will see what develops in the future from that but for now everything I'm told is going well! 

So a little about the image below.  The black area is of course my lungs. On the top left image you will see in the middle right between my lungs there is a small red circle. That is my breast IM node. I'd never heard of that.  Well the team working with Dr. Nordal decided to treat that as well with radiation so that is why 10% will have radiation too.  That being said he told me that it has higher success rates to never return if that node is radiated.  

There are 5 fields that they are radiating. My chest wall and lymph nodes are the target. I have radiation from the front of me, a 45 degree angle from the right side through my left side and from the back through the shoulder blade region.  I have to hold my breath 5 times for 20ish seconds.

I find it all very interesting and Veer sat down when he saw this like it was the most fascinating piece of scientific discovery.  I'm glad he is taking this so well! He is a strong little lion!

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  1. I am a faithful reader, Kerri. Thank you for posting the text and the pictures. I like to study both.