Radiation Therapy Session #10

Today was an exciting day at my radiation appointment because I have been planning to do a timelapse of my session to share my experience, that others may be a little more relaxed if they ever need this type of treatment........ plus the machine moves.

 The first time that I was on the bed with my arms above my head it felt like the machine was going to hit my elbow......however it does not.  It is very interesting and incredible all of the technology and science involved. 

One day Veer asked me to find out what type of radiation they use. ( he had read all about the types of radiation that come from the sun and also about cell structure.)  What a great question.....so I needed to know as well!  Question answered.....Protons.  The machine has large plates of lead that move and change shape depending on the the treatment plan and your body measurements.

My Medical Radiation Technologists have been amazing to work with.  When I came to them with this Idea to do a timelapse they were so helpful to find out if I could and everything involved right down to whether or not my equipment would be damaged from the radiation.  They seem just as excited to show what happens with others as I am! All of the staff that I have worked with at the Tom Baker Cancer Center have been wonderful, patient and kind! Thank you! 

Here is what my session looks like! Feel free to share this blog with anyone! 

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  1. Hi Kerri,

    Thank you for the time lapse. It really works for me. As someone who has been in or around those machines, your pics bring back those old feelings.


    1. Thank you Aunt Arta,

      I was so excited to be able to capture this as so many have a fear of the unknown unlike you and I now!