THE BIG DAY! | 2016.04.05

This was the big day! Bilateral Mastectomy scheduled for 7:25  Arrival 5:15. That was the most difficult thing for me as I love my sleep. It was like checking into a hotel.  The lobby was full with other guests....oops patients.  Across from the check in desk where you first have to sign in is a beautiful double sided fireplace lit and burning! The ambiance was lovely. Soon we were sent to the floor where the surgery would be.  Given my blue gown I changed and was asked if I would be able to walk to the surgery room or like to ride on a bed.  I said of course I can walk.  Later realizing the ride on the bed would have been fun!!!  The next waiting area also had a few patients waiting for their surgical teams to arrive and see them .  As others came I quickly observed how young they all were. When my anesthesiologist arrived there was a relief in seeing that he was older, more experienced and did a quick check for airway and mobility that none of the others had done with the other patients.  My surgeon was also a very experienced so I had full confidence. When I entered the Surgery Room I think that nerves took over a little and I suddenly became quite talkative and was asking about the resident surgeons that would be with Dr. Lafreniere. The anesthesiologist quickly started his work.  I started talking about 2Create Photography saying to google it. Finally realized that Dr. Lafreniere needed to start the surgery.......The Nurse was amazing!! She kept reminding me  that I needed to breathe deep now and after surgery..... Breathe Deep....Breathe Deep........breeeeeaaaaa......................................................................

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