It is amazing that we live as women in a society that is incredibly dominated by the fashion industry which markets every part of a women. If you are not the correct shape, color or wearing the latest that you are less. Hearing certain statements from the health experts and seeing women's expressions as you tell them what you have gone through and will go through, shows that we base our beauty largely on external appearance only.  As a photographer I have seen the beauty of the women I photograph who do not see it in themselves and it saddens me......I have even been that woman! So being diagnosed, then waiting for my chemo to have my hair fall out is all a new beginning for me.  For me having my bilateral mastectomy and having no breasts was not my was any possibility of pain...I am a wimp! Losing my hair due to chemo treatments is like shedding the cocoon to become a butterfly. For a moment I was hesitant with what I should wear one day and I was reminded by my constant strength, my husband, that beauty comes from your soul. I want every woman to know this....really know this because I see each of you in that light! 

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  1. Kerri you really impress me with your wisdom and strength. You have such a positive attitude and I know you will conquer this with your courage and class.

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts Aunt Nancy!!