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Hello all, Hope all is well.  This is another update.  Today Kerri noticed a slight pain in one of her calves.  An a bluish spot was visible.  Not taking any chances we consulted with the oncologists office and then went to the clinic.  She was immediately taken in for observation.  Blood was drawn from the site and examination indicated a blood clot. One of the expect although rare side effects of Chemotherapy. She was given an Anticoagulant via injection  called Tinzaparin (http://ift.tt/2a6Yytf).She has an Ultrasound appointment booked tomorrow for early morning, after which  she will be meeting with the Doctors at the clinic. Her oncologist will join via phone. It will be determined if the clot is a deep vein clot or superficial. They will then determine the proper steps to be taken.Either way she has now to take the Tinzaparin injections every day for a month at the very least ( unless ultrasound reveals something different which is ) .   They are quite painful and will require daily visits to the Clinic.  Kerri is not too thrilled about that. But as always taking it in her stride. She is extremely strong in spirit, a strength that I believe she acquired from her grandmothers. I will keep you updated as and when we find out more tomorrow.As always feel free to call me (403) 9757667 or email me if you require more information.  Thanks Best Regards     Ron Singh about.me/ronsingh    

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