Fwd: Kerri's (Wig) update | July 22, 2016 at 08:28PM

Hello All,    Hope everyone is doing well.  Just another quick update.  It has been now a week plus after the first Chemo.  No adverse reactions yet.  The occasional headache.  However too early to consider this as a norm  There are 7 more treatments to undergo. Kerri as always is strong spirited and she will pull us all through this . One fun thing was we went wig shopping today.  (well Kerri, Veer and my Mom did ).  As i mentioned in my previous update, I dont think she needs (neither does she ) one but oh well, why the heck not ! :-) So here are the three finalists... take a guess which one she ( Mostly Veer ) picked.  BTW:  In my opinion even if you put a Mop head on her she would look good.  It is her inner beauty and purity that shines through. Thanks Best Regards     Ron Singh about.me/ronsingh    

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