Fwd: update on Kerri's first Chemo Treatment | July 22, 2016 at 08:25PM

Hello all, Hope everyone is well.  Apologise for the tardy update after Kerri's first Chemo.  We were all preoccupied with keeping her spirits high and positive. There has been  no adverse symptoms so far.  She is a little bit tired but nothing seems to stop her. Right after the Chemo, her and mom went for a Tea party at Veers School.  The next day we attended Veers Spring concert.  AND to top it all off she even did a Photo shoot for a client.   Mom has instituted a  food regime for Kerri. Focus is on providing high quality protein and gluten free diet. Lots of lentils, fresh vegetables, soups etc.   Anyhow, the first Chemo went fantastically well. The staff at the Tom Baker Cancer Institute were simply great.    You can view a short video of the chemo session on her blog. http://ift.tt/2a2RFYL you missed her head shaving (before Chemo when she donated her hair )  click below.http://ift.tt/2a1SCgE  Next Chemo is in two weeks.  Will keep you all updated.  As always if you need more information please do not hesitate to call me ( 403 ) 975 7667 or email me.Thank you    Best Regards     Ron Singh about.me/ronsingh    

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