Update regarding Kerri | August 25, 2016 at 06:57AM

Hello everyone, Hope all is well.   Just a quick update regarding Kerri and her ongoing Chemotherapy.  She went through her Chemo yesterday. The best news is that it was #7 ....ONE more to go.   The treatment is not over  yet.  There is still Radiation to follow.  However what really always stands out is that nothing seems to stop Kerri.  She is radiant, robust and strong as ever. And very determined to make it through. She insisted that we go camping, ( a favourite summer activity of hers ). Which we did last weekend.  If you have a FaceBook account you can view her images here AND  As always, we are so blessed to have such great friends and family supporting us.Rattika, who we cant thank enough.  She always remembers when Kerri has her Chemo dates, always ensures that she has nutritional foods prepared, for the days that follow.  This time around she prepared Radish stuffed pancakes with chickpea flour and a whole bunch of other condiments.  My sister, Neeta, from Toronto who makes it a point that she calls every second day. Means a lot to Kerri. And of course Shannon B ... Kerri's soul sister, for being such a great and helpful, inspiring presence in our lives. You know how much she and her family means to us, when Veer refers to them as his second home. We cant thank them enough.There are so many more people and you all know who you are. We are very thankful having you in our lives. It means a lot.As always, please feel to email or call me (403 ) 975 7667 if you need more information. Thank you   Best Regards     Ron Singh about.me/ronsingh    

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