1 Year Anniversary - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The 28th of October marks the day I completed Radiation which was the last treatment besides ongoing medications that I need to have last year.  

Last wednesday I met with my Oncologist, Dr. Verma to have another 3 month check up and Lupron injection as well as to switch from tamoxifen to exemestane.  One of the serious side effects of Tamoxifen is uterine cancer and so since I was doing so well on it it was advisable to switch to a medication that does not have that as a side effect.  Tamoxifen was blocking the absorption of estrogen by my cells and the new drug will stop production of estrogen by my cells. So one step closer to complete menopause.   

Since exemestane will effect my bone density, I was sent for a scan last month to have a baseline test done for my doctors to be able to keep track of any loss for me.  I will be taking this new medication for at least 4 years. I will be starting exemestane today and will let you know what happens.  

Hope everyone is keeping well and healthy!


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