Genetic Testing.........and the results are in!!!

When I met with my Geneticist before Christmas he had let me know that having a cancer because of genetics is only 5%.  30% from Environmental exposure and 2/3 from health issues which he calls fluke.  We had wanted to find out about my risk factor for Veer and for Ovarian cancer so we had the testing done.

The spit test was done and we received the results of checking for 30 cancer genetic markers.....................and I was told I DO NOT have any genetic markers.  
That now means the causes are environment and health related.

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  1. What do you make of this? And what did the geneticist make of it. Like you, I am thinking about research and what we can learn about environmental factors that cause cancer. Anyway, thanks for turning my mind to this again, Kerri.


  2. Oh wow! Eye opening. I am still planning to get my genetics tested.

  3. I am continually amazed at how much we can find out through science. And yet, as you well know, there is also so very much that science can't tell us. I'm with you on seeking out knowledge and wisdom from all the places we can. I've had great experiences with all sorts of frameworks for health, both physical and spiritual. Love you Kerri!