I have not been great in keeping in touch these last couple months and I should have.  Each winter I go through a bit of an off/hibernation because there is so little sunshine during the days that lead up to Christmas that it affects me.  So this coupled with the radiation and chemo effects I did not keep up with my regular updates.  

It seems that this year has been a bit of a whirlwind....surreal! 

Since I want this blog to help inform and educate other women and people in general I have some things I'd like to share. 

Here is what my final hair loss looked like! The lack of even the 6 eyelashes  and  eyebrow hair was a bit shocking to see in the mirror for me. What you see here I completely lost but It started growing soon after and I didn't get around to photographing myself again before the regrowth. 

During my radiation I only had a little pinkness show near the very end. I went for 16 sessions which ended on the 28th of October, just in time for me to be the Borg Queen! 
I filmed these 2 on my last day of Radiation. 

Ringing the Bell in completion of my LAST radiation treatment!

As for side effects of radiation...... I slathered on the cream, that was given to me by another lady who had finished her rounds of treatments earlier, hoping I would have NO side effects.....Not to be that lucky!  The pinkness changed and my skin became quite itchy with just some burnish blistering happening near where the Lymph nodes were taken out. The worst of it was for about a 8 days 1 week after my last treatment.  Since then most of the skin discoloration has returned to normal yet the radiation did make my muscles feel a bit bruised to the touch and only where the radiation was targeted.  
These show what my skin looked like.

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